Meet the A Level students

Anxhela Syziu, A Level student

Hear from some of our A Level students with excellent results.

“I am thrilled - getting my A Levels means so much to me so I could have qualifications formally recognised by UK universities. I can now look forward to relocating to Liverpool to further my studies to build a better future for my son.”

Anxhela Syziu, 23, achieved A*'s in Chemistry and Biology and an A in Maths

“I’m over the moon with my results and I’m so excited. I’m going to my first choice university with is Birmingham. It’s been a different style of teaching at college compared to school and I have had a great time at college.”

Zoe Oliver, 18, achieved two As in Law and Geography and a B in Maths

“I’m more than happy with my results. It’s been hard work but it’s all been worth it. I’m going to take a gap year and do some volunteering in the Philippines with my church.”

Daniel Gregory, 18, achieved a B in History, a double B in Maths, and an A* for his Extended Project

“I’m absolutely astounded to have done so well. I’ve got one more year and then I’m planning on going to university to study either biochemistry or natural sciences.”

Georgia Murphy, 19, achieved three As in Biology, Chemistry and Psychology at AS Level