19+ Bursary Fund at the College

For those of you applying for Skills Funding Agency (SFA) supported courses this entitlement is to increase access to learning, retention and achievement.

Oaklands Bursary is for those of you aged 19+ with a household income of less than £26,600 or if you are a named dependent. If you are married or living with a partner we will assess your joint income.

*You will receive:-

  • 100% of material fees and related course costs excluding tuition fees
  • Subsidised travel will be made available when it is assessed that travel costs could be a barrier to attendance
  • Up to £45 per month for those living inside Zone 2 and not on an UNO bus route
  • Up to £60 per month for those who live outside Zone 2
  • Trips paid that are linked to curriculum or college activities
  • Support for domestic emergencies if required

For more information about UNO bus routes click here.

At Oaklands we do our best to make learning affordable for you, therefore if you are struggling financially please discuss any of your queries or concerns about coming to college with our Student Advice Team.

For further information about all fees and to find out what financial support may be available for you, please contact our Student Advisors via email to info@oaklands.ac.uk or call us on 01727 737000.

*Fees subject to change.