20+ Childcare in Further Education at Oaklands College

20+ Childcare fund at Oaklands College

Important - This fund only applies to students on funded programmes from Entry to Level 2 for any student aged 20 and over. Students on a Level 3 programme aged 20 - 23 inclusive may also be eligible. Childcare costs are provided to those of you who are at risk of not participating or remaining in learning as a result of barriers to accessing childcare provision.

The criteria for those of you who are most at risk are likely to be in receipt of any or all of the following benefits:  Income support; Employment Support Allowance (work related); Job Seekers Allowance; Pension Credit Guarantee; Housing Benefit; Council Tax Benefit (excluding single person allowance).

The childcare allowance will pay for childcare whilst you are attending college, during term time and non-term time to provide continuity for the child and allow you to study. 

If you are/going to be studying at St Albans Campus you will be asked to use the College’s nursery first before seeking external childcare provision, if not already using a childcare provider.

At Oaklands we do our best to make learning affordable for you, therefore if you are struggling financially please discuss any of your queries or concerns about coming to college with our Student Advice Team.

If you are a parent and you are under 20 you should apply for “Care to Learn” 0800 121 8989 (freephone)   

For further information about all fees and to find out what financial support may be available for you, please contact our student advisers via an email to info@oaklands.ac.uk or call us on 01727 737000.

*Fees subject to change and students 19+ and on a Level 3 please click here.