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Work placement – Sam Gallagher and Daymedia

”Sam first impressed us with his well-designed CV - an essential ingredient for anyone looking to venture into the design industry. But Sam's CV was so impressive that there was no question about whether to interview him or not! And after meeting Sam in person and talking through his portfolio, we decided that he would be a great addition to the team.

”Throughout the week, Sam tackled all the challenges we threw at him with ease and confidence - including getting to grips with new software, working with brand guidelines, experimenting with new ideas and sitting in on client meetings. Sam was able to quickly understand such as user experience, accessibility and technological capabilities. We were extremely impressed with Sam and have absolutely no doubt that he will do well in the future. We would like to thank Oaklands College for giving us the opportunity to work with Sam, and we hope to take on other work placement students in the future.”

Here's what Sam had to say about his experience:

”The professional and creative environment was a completely different experience to what I've grown accustomed to and whilst I hadn't had a lot of experience in web design before my internship, the team supported me in venturing outside of my comfort zone. They helped me to work within brand guidelines, but also taught me about aspects of design that I hadn't considered before, and I'm enthusiastic to develop these skills further in the future.

”I'm still unsure what field of design I want to specialise in, but the next step on my continuing journey to becoming a designer is University, which I'll hopefully be starting next year. To work with the team and see how they tackled problems together was incredibly rewarding, and whether I go on to specialise in web design or not, experiences like this are why I believe I want a future in design.”

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