Work Experience - Employers

Are you able to offer work experience to a bright, ambitious student?

Oaklands College are looking for employers who can offer work experience to our students, to develop and enhance their knowledge of their chosen subject.

  • Discover new talent – work experience can be a brilliant opportunity for you to find your latest team member or future apprentice.
  • Pass on experience and knowledge – you have the opportunity to share your experiences with young people and influence the next generation of workers
  • Developing your staff – giving your staff a chance to supervise and develop their management skills and companies that participate in education-business link activities have found that this has increases the motivation of their current staff
  • Opportunity to learn – you could learn something new, our students could bring fresh ideas and concepts to your business
  • Build a positive profile – developing relationships with colleges and becoming active in the community helps to build a positive image for your business. Investors and service users have high opinions of employees who play ethical roles in society, especially for the younger generation.

We are currently looking for work experience opportunities in the following areas:


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