Students bring school’s environmental garden to life

Landscape Construction Department students have created a wildlife and environmental garden at Chancellor's School in Brookmans Park.

 Students from the College’s Landscape Construction Department have created a wildlife and environmental garden at Chancellor’s School in Brookmans Park as the prize for winning the Schools Awards last year. 

The garden was designed by Chancellor’s students Alex Chadwell, 13, and his sister Katherine, 16.  The siblings from Barnet were delighted to see their design come to life and said ‘it’s almost exactly as we planned it.’     

Head of Science at Chancellor’s School Liza Merrett said: “This is brilliant and students across the school will now have hands-on learning experiences in ecology, life-cycles and pond dipping. We will also be setting up an after school gardening club.” 

Head of Landscape Construction at Oaklands Tee Robertson said: “This has been an amazing work experience opportunity for our students with over 40 taking part during the week long project.  They have really enjoyed installing the pond and bog area as this is something they wouldn’t have been able to do if it wasn’t for this project.”

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