Students nominated for a Community Gold Award

A team of construction students who used their skills to help an elderly couple who were conned by a rogue builder have been nominated for a Community Gold Award.

Pensioner John Turner and his wife Kathleen paid £800 to a man posing as a builder who promised them a new front garden wall.  The man ripped out the hedge at the front of the garden before disappearing with the cash.

After contacting Trading Standards 80-year-old Mr Turner, of Ladies Grove, had a surprise phone call from Oaklands College offering their support and last week a group of students spent two days at the couple’s home re-building the wall and cleaning up the mess left by the untraceable builder.

Mr Tuner praised the students saying: “The boys were fantastic. They were pleasant, they just got on with the job and their instructors were so helpful.  They are our future and most young people just don’t get the recognition they deserve.”

Andy Rosser, Trowel Trades, Oaklands College, commented: “This has been an excellent experience for my learners. Everyone thoroughly appreciated the real life, hands-on experience they got from building Mr and Mrs Turner’s wall. The students knew that Mr & Mrs Turner had been conned by rogue builders and felt really good doing something for the community. It has definitely boosted their self-esteem, confidence and motivation.”

One of the students, Dominic Meaton, who helped to build the wall, commented: “It feels really good that I have come to college to learn a trade but have also been able to help someone out in this way.” Fellow learner, Konal Hart, said: “I would like to be doing this kind of thing every week.”

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