Tesco donates 3D printers for Oaklands College PPE production

Tesco Technology Ltd donate two 3D Printers to the Oaklands College PPE production line.


A spokesperson from Tesco Labs reached out to the Engineering department at Oaklands College recently, to offer two 3D Printers that the Research and Development team at Tesco Technology no longer need. 

On 3rd April 2020, the Engineering department inspired by Senior Technician Russell Rimington, began a project to create Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for NHS frontline and care-workers on the COVID-19 frontline. 

Collaborating with the 3D Crowd initiative, Russell and the team have so far contributed over 200 head frames to be manufactured into PPE face-shields, whilst producing 50 complete sets. 

The 3D Crowd initiative has raised over £150,000 and have created and delivered over 168,000 face shields to over 90 NHS Trusts and care homes. 

Russell said: “We are currently operating on two 3D Printers, so the additional two which have been kindly donated by Tesco will double our production. Once we have them up and running, we could increase our output to 70 frames per week.” 

Jo Hickson, Head of Tesco Labs said: “We’re pleased that these additional printers will allow the incredible team at Oaklands College to help protect even more NHS staff and care workers during this challenging time.” 

Oaklands College and its wonderful staff will continue to work closely with students and the local community in the coming weeks, with the partial reopening of college campuses. 

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