5 Reasons to Study Applied Science

Now more than ever, Scientists are needed in the public and private sectors and are hired by lots of employers. With this in mind, here are five reasons why you should study towards a career in STEM.


Now more than ever, Scientists are needed in the public and private sectors and are hired by lots of employers. With this in mind, here are five reasons why studying Applied Science is a good decision.

Including the government and leading charities such as Cancer Research, research institutions, pharmaceutical companies, universities and much more, there are a wide variety of industries that employ scientists – According to The Royal Society Open Science, over 1,500,000 employees make up a total UK workforce of over 32,000,000, a figure that continues to increase. 

From Science, Architectural, Environmental and Engineering Technicians to Health Associate and Social Science professionals, the number of individuals entering employment within the industry is rising, which suggests there is no greater time to study Applied Science, but if you are still not convinced, here are five reasons why you should pursue an Applied Science college course. 

Make a real difference:

The ongoing pandemic has highlighted the importance of the industry and shone a spotlight on intelligent scientific personnel to aid the research and battle against infectious diseases, viruses and much more. 

If you want to shape the world around you and make scientific advances that benefit mankind, then studying Applied Science at college level will equip you with the knowledge and understanding to pursue higher education studies at University, and prepare you for a successful career.

Hands-on learning:

Choosing a line of study which is going to provide you with hands-on experience, whether that be with equipment, or with practical learning facilities is incredibly important.

Employees with hands-on experience are highly sought after, so if you enjoy research projects, conducting experiments and exploring the wide variety of science specialisms, a career in the industry could be perfect for you. 

At Oaklands College, students benefit from a variety of specialist science labs at our Welwyn Garden City campus, including a bio tech lab. As well as this, the college also run  forensic science scenarios where students participate in live simulations where they are required to put their skills and knowledge to the test.

Clear career pathways:

In many countries around the world, STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) graduates are in high demand. Those with scientific expertise are attractive to employers and societies, with job opportunities that can take employees around the world. 

According to CW Jobs, the average salary for Science jobs is £52,500 – From a sample of over 1,500 job roles, here are just some of the roles and salaries you can earn with a higher to degree level qualification in Applied Science. 

– Research Scientist: £32,000 – £40,000
– Laboratory Technician: £25,000 – £30,000
– Forensic Scientist: Graduate salary £20,000 or with experience, £25,000 – £35,000
– Toxicologist: Starting salary £20,000 – £30,000 or with experience, £30,000 – £75,000
– Pharmacologist: £28,000 – £40,000 or Senior Level £35,000 – £80,000
– Graduate Bioinformatician: £28,000 – £32,000
– Trainee Patent Physics Attorney: £27,000 to £30,000
– Science Graduate Teaching Assistant: £18,000 – £25,000

Progression to University

The BTEC qualifications in Applied Sciences and Forensic Science at Oaklands College provides students with a work-related course of study that covers the knowledge and practical skills required in the sector.
The Level 3 Extended Diploma programme, developed in the areas of a laboratory and industrial science, is equivalent to 3 A Levels and can lead to direct entry to university.

If you want to study for a degree but do not meet the entry requirements, completing the Level 3 Extended Diploma will guarantee you entry onto the first year of your chosen degree. Applicants can study towards foundation degrees validated by University of Hertfordshire and delivered at Oaklands College, for information regarding this pathway, click here

No two days are the same…

Whatever scientific role you seek, you can guarantee that no two days would be the same. 

Whether you are carrying out a crime scene investigation as a Forensic Scientist, or developing vital vaccines as a Research Scientist or Laboratory Technician, you can guarantee that no two days will be the same.

As a Forensic Scientist, one day you could be taking important photographic evidence of a crime scene, to exploring links between suspects and criminal activity in a laboratory the next. 

Perhaps you wish to pursue a career as a Toxicologist, working closely with and studying toxic materials and the effect they have on living organisms, including humans, animals, plants, and ecosystems.

Working as a Pharmacologist, you could spend one day investigating and analysing drugs, chemical and other substances, and the other assessing how to safely use and develop new drugs – The opportunities are endless.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re interested in pursuing a career in STEM, or just want to learn more about the courses on offer at Oaklands College, visit our dedicated page here

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