5 Reasons to study Hospitality & Catering

Learn how studying Hospitality & Catering could lead you into a career with exciting and challenging prospects, with opportunities at all levels in a dynamic and ever-changing professional industry.


According to recent studies, the hospitality industry is the 4th biggest employer in the UK, accounting for 3.2m jobs through direct employment and further 2.8m indirectly, which makes studying for a career within the industry a worthwhile choice. 

A full-time course of specialist vocational study could lead you into a career with exciting and challenging prospects, with opportunities at all levels in a dynamic and ever-changing professional industry. 

At Oaklands College, we serve up a variety of different courses, from professional cookery to hospitality and event management. 

Here are five reasons why you should pursue your education in the hospitality and catering sector: 

Clear career path:

When choosing a career path in any industry, it can be a challenge knowing where to start. The hospitality & catering industry provides a clear pathway into employment and even without higher education, there is great potential for studies. 

Studying towards a career in the industry will provide students with the knowledge required and a clear understanding of what they will need to grow within the business. If you’re aiming for a management position, for example as a head chef, or perhaps plan to run your own catering business, the path to these roles are always clear and achievable with hard work, dedication and commitment to your studies. 

Fantastic opportunities: 

A career in catering can pave the way for some fantastic opportunities, whether that is working abroad for some of the top restaurants and hotels, or travelling the world working as a chef on a luxury cruise ship, a career in catering can open up a world of opportunity. 

With catering, you’re rarely confined to working in one location – From weddings, baby showers or work conferences, the hospitality & catering industry provides fantastic variety. 

Learn in state-of-the-art facilities:

In order to become the best chef, restaurateur or events manager that you can be, it’s imperative that you gain the practical knowledge and understanding required to work within a busy kitchen/restaurant environment. 

At Oaklands College, our award-winning The Stables restaurant is a fully-functioning, professional kitchen-diner which provides students with practical work experience during busy service and dinner sittings. 

As well as working in well-equipped kitchens with industry-standard equipment. Students will work with skilled tutors with years of first-hand experience, you will learn the skills and techniques used by current top chefs and industry experts. 

Utilise your creativity: 

A career as a chef allows you to make the most of your creative mind in an industry which gives you the perfect canvas to showcase your creativity. 

If creativity is where you excel, you may find your skills will help you in the catering business where you are creating a product, whether that be food, drink or even designing an experience, using your creativity within the industry is key to success and can be a cost-effective skill for any business. 

Not convinced? Hear from our student experiences: 

At Oaklands College, we feel it’s important to share with our prospective students, the experiences of current and ex-students who have studied our courses. 

Recently, our Chef Lecturer Mark Sharples sat down with students studying the VRQ Level 3 Professional Cookery course, to find out more about their experiences on the course, life as a student at Oaklands College and what they enjoyed during their time at the college so far, watch it here

We also sat down with former Level 3 VRQ student Maisie O’Toole, who has since progressed onto the Level 3 at college, read her case study here

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