Equestrian Centre

Due to confirmed cases of Strangles in the local area we are taking the following precautionary measures, effective from 17th October 2017:

  • Disinfectant mats at both entrances to the yard to be walked and driven over by everyone entering the Equestrian Centre
  • Cancelled any shows running in the next 7 days, this includes Saturday 21st October and Unaffiliated Long Arena Dressage on Monday 23rd October.
  • Educating our students and clients by sharing information on Strangles and advising them on how to prevent the spread of the infection
  • Restricting the movement of horses in and out of the Equestrian Centre to the local area
  • Restricting non-essential access to the Equestrian centre
  • The above precautions will be in place for the next 7 days, we will then advise if any further action is required

Here at Oaklands College we have one of the best equestrian departments in the country and run equine lessons and courses for all levels, from novice to competitive rider.

The centre is an established examination centre for the British Horse Society as well as an approved ‘Where to Train’ Centre and competition venue.

We have excellent state-of-the-art onsite facilities, which include:

  • Modern stabling for up to 31 horses
  • A solarium, horse walker and weighbridge
  • A range of horses for all abilities
  • Indoor and outdoor arenas
  • Extensive paddocks, grazing areas and a four mile hacking track

Our Centre regularly holds unaffiliated Show Jumping, Dressage and Riding Club competitions which our students are encouraged to take part in.

We also offer:

  • A range of livery options: Working Livery, Holiday Livery and limited Full Livery and Loan spaces
  • Regular Unaffiliated Show Jumping, British Dressage and Riding Club competitions which our students are encouraged to take part in
  • Clinics on Show Jumping and Dressage run by international riders/coaches
  • Regular Course Hire
  • British Horse Society Examinations and Training


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