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Creative Industries 

Are you a creative person with a passion for the Media, Performing Arts or Music industry? 

Oaklands College offers an exciting and stimulating environment that stretches and nurtures your individual creativity across a variety of disciplines including: 

Why a Creative Industry? 

Whether you want to perform, prefer to be behind the lens, create an eye-catching website or make your mark in the world of fashion, we can help you reach your goals. 

Why Choose A Creative Industry?

Working in the creative sector is all about following your passion for originality – using your imagination to develop new ideas and techniques and to challenge the norm. Careers in the creative sector can span a diverse range of art forms and  Oaklands can help you begin your career or path to university.

If you’re interested in using your creativity in a different industries, you’ve got plenty of options. Careers in areas ranging from retail and business to engineering call for creativity along with other skills such as commercial awareness, teamwork and problem solving.

The arts make self starters and develop emotional intelligence.  Creative subjects are more guided by your skills and passions than a curriculum.  Studying these subjects require you to make independent decisions and be self-critical.  You'll also need to be brave in exposing your creations, and accept criticism. Working in teams makes students into good communicators.

Many employers now actively seek those who have studied the arts. Steve Jobs, founder of Apple, was fond of saying his success was due to his hiring artists and musicians fascinated by technology rather than computer geeks. Top talent management agency, The Curve Group specialising in financial and business services, concurs: “Employees with an arts degree have developed more quickly in their roles from the start. They have discipline, confidence and can accept criticism.”

The arts develop the broader dimensions of the human being – mind, body and soul. The arts can express the inexpressible and make sense of things that otherwise do not seem to. This can be very fulfilling and helps us function as human beings – which can only be good for society as a whole.

What Can You Study?

Benefits Of Studying A Creative Industry Subject At Oaklands? 

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