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Learning for Independence & Future Employment 

Our St Albans Campus is home to LIFE (Learning for Independence & Future Employment). Through LIFE, we offer a variety of full-time Entry Level through to Level 2 courses and are able to meet various special education needs. Our courses aim to help our students become more independent at home, in the community and help those who wish to progress into employment.


For young adults from 16 to 22 who have a severe learning difficulty or disability and may require additional support to access the curriculum.

Supportive Learning

For students with moderate learning difficulties and providing additional support through the transition from school to employment, internships and qualifications in a particular area of study.

Supported Internship

For students with learning difficulties and disabilities who require support to access employment.

Employability Skills

A brand-new course, designed to act as a transition year if students are looking at moving onto further education or employment.

Programmes are tailored to individual student’s needs, providing educational, social, personal, independence and work-related skills for the future. Students can also progress through relevant pathways, depending on their intended outcomes and needs.

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