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Learning for Independence & Future Employment 

Our St Albans Campus is home to LIFE (Learning for Independence & Future Employment). Through LIFE, we offer a variety of full-time Entry Level through to Level 2 courses and are able to meet various special education needs. Our courses aim to help our students become more independent at home, in the community and help those who wish to progress into employment.

This programme is for young people under 25 with a learning difficulty to help them develop independent living skills and reach their individual goals and ambitions.

Duration: 1-3 years
Location: WGC

The programme is made up of six pathways which are tailored to suit the needs of each student. All pathways are aimed at equipping students with the skills they need to get on in life, including personal and social development and functional literacy and numeracy where appropriate.

Classroom subjects may include citizenship, cookery, arts and crafts and gardening. Students are also encouraged to take part in enrichment activities like football, yoga, basketball and dance. Some pathways also involve an element of supported work experience. Students can progress through the pathways as they successfully complete each one.

All students will have a personal tutor, who they will meet with regularly throughout the year to discuss whether the student is getting the right support and what the next steps may be.

Progression will be discussed with your group tutor to ensure you move onto the most appropriate provision for you. This could be mainstream provision, supported internship or voluntary work.
The department is staffed by an amazing team of Lecturers, Support staff and therapists, all of whom support the young person to achieve their outcomes, in liaison with a vast multi-agency team. The area is NAS Accredited and recently recognised by Ofsted as Outstanding – a testament to the hard work and dedication of all those involved in the young person’s life.

This programme is for students aged 16-24 who have a learning difficulty and/or disability. The programme provides educational, social, personal and work-related skills for the future.

There are a number of routes that students can choose from within a range of related options and subjects. There is a clear focus on developing life skills and vocational opportunities in a range of real life contexts, to enable our students to have greater independence and develop their skills.

We have a co-ordinator and a travel trainer to support students into work placements and independent travel. In addition we work with a range of partners and family for planning and progression throughout the programme, ensuring that individual student’s aspirations remain the focus of our work.



All students will have the opportunity to work towards nationally-recognised qualifications which underpin our curriculum offer. This is developed through a personalised programme. We offer entry qualifications through to Level, including qualifications in functional Skills.


For young adults from 16 to 22 who have a severe learning difficulty or disability and may require additional support to access the curriculum.

Supportive Learning

For students with moderate learning difficulties and providing additional support through the transition from school to employment, internships and qualifications in a particular area of study.

Employability Skills

Employability Skills is a new course based at both our campuses. It is designed to act as a transition year if you’re looking for further education or move onto employment, but need some support to get there.

Programmes are tailored to individual student’s needs, providing educational, social, personal, independence and work-related skills for the future. Students can also progress through relevant pathways, depending on their intended outcomes and needs.