Higher Education

Flexible, affordable university-level study

Higher education at Oaklands College gives you the level of flexibility, tutor access and value for money which can’t be equalled by the traditional three-year university experience.

Studying at Oaklands College gets you the qualifications which will allow you to enter or progress in your career of choice, continue to a further HE qualification or progress to a university to top up to a full degree.

You’ll already know about the three-year university degree but many people are confused about what higher education in college is really all about. So here’s our guide.


What is Higher Education?

Higher Education is university-level study which results in qualifications at Level 4 or above.

Choose from the following types of qualification:

HNC - A Higher National Certificate. This is a Level 4 qualification, recognised by employers but also a gateway to the more advanced HND.

HND - A Higher National Diploma. A well-recognised qualification at Level 5. Again, recognised by employers in its own right. It can be studied after an HNC or from scratch.

HTQ - A Higher Technical Higher Technical Qualification. An existing or new Level 4 and 5 qualification that has been approved by the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education.

Foundation Degree - This allows you to study in college and can be topped up at university to a full degree.


Why study with Oaklands College?

1. Generally you can expect much more tutor access. No huge lecture halls.

2. Value for money. Lower fees, which can still be funded by loans but with much lower borrowing than you need for university.

3. Flexibility. Self-contained qualifications giving you the chance to cash in by advancing in your career quickly if you wish.

4. Convenience. The opportunity to study close to where you live and your family commitments.

Extended Degree

This is designed as a preparatory year to enable you to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills you need to progress to the first year of a variety of undergraduate subject related degree courses.

Other ways to prepare for Higher Education

We offer Access to HE courses which are Level 3 / A Level equivalent and specifically designed for people who don’t quite have the qualifications they need for entry to HE at this stage. Or see our Extended Degree offer here.

We also offer Maths and English courses for those who need to get to the required standard. 

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Already know the course your looking for?

How do I apply?

Full Time

For full-time extended and foundation degrees, please apply through UCAS. You will need to use the UCAS code provided and the university's institution code H36, plus the campus code O (Oaklands College).

For full time HNC/HNDs please apply through UCAS. You will need to use the UCAS code provided and the Oaklands institution code O12.


If you would like to study with us part-time, please apply through Oaklands College or the University of Hertfordshire. For HNC/HNDs, please apply through Oaklands College. Foundation degree applications must be made on the standard university application form with the University of Hertfordshire.

Why study Higher Education at Oaklands College

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    UNIVERSITY OF HERTFORDSHIRE - Our Foundation Degree and Extended Degree courses are run in partnership with the University of Hertfordshire as part of the consortium arrangement.

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    ACCOMMODATION - Students holding offers on extended and foundation degrees only are able to apply for accommodation at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield

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    FAMILIARITY – Keeping close to your old friends while making new ones.

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    FLEXIBILITY – The ability to work full or part-time all year round.

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    GREAT CAREER OPPORTUNITIES – The chance to do real work experience to improve your employability.


Students holding offers on extended and foundation degrees only are able to apply for accommodation at the University of Hertfordshire in Hatfield. 

Applications must be made online. Rooms will be allocated depending on availability and the deposit being paid on time. Applicants will automatically receive information regarding how to apply when they reach the correct UCAS stage.

Anyone wishing to apply for accommodation on your chosen course will need to do so by ticking the relevant box on the application form when applying for your course.

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