5 jobs in Electrical Installation

Interested in pursuing a career in Electrical Installation? With the right training and knowledge, there’s a wide range of routes available.


Interested in pursuing a career in Electrical Installation? With the right training and knowledge, there’s a wide range of routes available. From working in client’s homes as a domestic electrician to working on power lines or power plans, the options available are vast.

Now is the time to start on your journey in a career in Electrical Installation. Here are 5 top jobs you could consider.


There are many different types of jobs you can explore as an electrician but typically it would include fitting, servicing, and repairing electrical machinery. Useful skills would be knowledge of building and construction, good problem-solving skills, and the ability to use initiative.

Duties: Typical duties of this role would vary depending on where you choose to work. This could be a construction site, at a client’s business or home, or on a street for example. Your day might include checking electrical systems to ensure they’re working correctly, as well as repairing any electrical wiring, lighting, or building panels to operate systems in buildings.

What you can earn: Initial salary may start at around £18,000, but more experience roles could earn around £42,000.

Smart Meter Installer

With the rise in people looking for smart meters in their homes, a career as an installer is a great option. The role includes fitting gas and electricity meters in customers’ homes or businesses.

Duties: For this type of role, your main responsibilities would be removing old smart meters and fitting new ones for gas, electricity (or both). This will likely be in customers’ homes or business premises. The role could also include testing equipment and advising customers on how they can be more energy efficient.

What you can earn: A starting wage for this role would be around £15,000, and this can increase to £25,000 when more experienced.

Electricity Generation Worker

A career as an Electricity Generation Worker could suit you if you have good observation and recording skills, the ability to use, repair and maintain machines and tools.

Duties: For this role, the key focuses would be operating machinery inside a plant or carrying out scheduled maintenance work. Other duties could include finding and fixing faults or testing equipment.

What you can earn: Starting salary will be around the £19,000 mark, rising to around £35,000 when more experienced.

Security Systems Installer

As the demand for security systems continues to increase, another career to consider would be a security systems installer. This role would suit you if you have practical skills for installing equipment, can work on your own and have good problem-solving skills.

Duties: Typical duties for this role would be carrying out site surveys and then installing security systems such as fire and intruder alarms, or surveillance equipment.

What you can earn: A starting wage will typically be around £19,000 up to £32,000 when more experienced.

Electricity Distribution Worker

As an Electricity Distribution Worker, the focus is on maintaining and repairing power lines that connect homes and businesses to the national grid. The key skills for this type of role would be patience and the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, knowledge of public safety and security and being thorough and determined. You will also need to be able to cope with working at height.

Duties: The typical duties of this role would be switching operations, installing, and dismantling equipment or finding and diagnosing faults. Other duties would be keeping equipment in good working order and inspecting and testing cables as well as other equipment.

What you can earn: Entry level is around £16,000 however; this can increase to £35,000 and above once fully qualified and experienced.

What training do I need for a career in Electrical Installation?

There are so many paths you can go down to find your dream career in Electrical Installation. Get started today and find the right course for you

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