Kick off your career with an apprenticeship

Our Apprenticeship programme is the perfect way to kick-start your career. It combines working in a real business with study towards technical qualifications needed for your job role. It is the ideal solution for forward thinking, savvy individuals who want to develop their career, gain qualifications up to degree level and with the benefit that you don’t incur student debt.

An apprenticeship at Oaklands allowed 95% of our apprentices to work in their chosen career area
An apprenticeship at Oaklands helped 91% of our apprentices grow their confidence
84% of Oaklands apprentices are employed full-time after they complete their apprenticeship

Why do an apprenticeship?

Choosing to do an apprenticeship means that you open yourself to excellent progression opportunities, whether looking to study further or climb the ranks within the workplace. There's also different type of apprenticeships, which mean you can move to all the way to graduate level with higher level and degree apprenticeships.


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Benefits of choosing an apprenticeship:

  • The programme can give you your first step onto the career ladder.
  • You will be an employee in a business with a real job role and responsibilities.
  • You will receive a salary, paid holidays and possibly additional benefits (depending on the benefits offered by individual employers).

You will also be eligible for student discounts at shops, restaurants, online and on local travel through the Apprentice EXTRA card.

Myth buster



All apprenticeships include a day release at College Not necessarily. In any apprenticeship, 20% of the working week should be spent outside the workplace. For many, this can be a day at College but it has to be off the job training.
Apprentices have to be aged 16-18 This is not true - an apprentice can be any age, and can be already employed.
I won't get paid holidays like other enmployees All Apprentice receive a minimum of 28 days annual leave (including the 8 bank / public holidays)
An Apprenticeship isn't a real job All Apprentices are employed and have a valid contract of employment with their employer. This entitles them to the same terms and conditions as colleagues.
Apprentices don't get paid very well All Apprentices receive a salary which meets the minimum Apprenticeship rate of hourly pay for their age.
Are Apprenticeships only in Construction Apprenticeships are available in over 250 different roles and industries and this is growing all the time. At Oaklands we have a broad selection of Apprenticeships so we are confident we have a career waiting or you.
Apprenticeships for people who don't do well at school An Apprenticeship is the perfect way to enter the world of work and continue to gain qualifications in addition to valuable workplace skills and knowledge. Apprenticeships are a viable alternative to University.

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With most of your training delivered in the workplace, you'll get bags of invaluable on-the-job experience and understand the day to day workings and challenges of your chosen industry. You'll be able to develop and apply new skills instantly in the workplace, and learn directly from the people around you.

Or talk to us about your options

At Oaklands we have a dedicated Apprenticeship Team who can advise you on the different Apprenticeships available and help you decide which career route you want to pursue. Once you have decided, they will support your applications to employers and provide interview guidance and advice to ensure you are fully prepared for your interviews and confident, giving you the best chance to be successful.  01727 737000