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With the Oaklands Wolves Sports Academies you can continue your education while following your dream of achieving your potential in your chosen sport.

On all Oaklands Wolves Academy Programmes, the academic side of the course is considered paramount. Any student athlete's participation on the academy programme will require total commitment to their studies alongside their sport. The individual timetable will allow time to combine both academic and sporting requirements, and stretch students to achieve in both areas.

Sporting provision comes in the form of high quality coaching and additional hours of contact time with the coaches compared to many other establishments. This is alongside strength and conditioning, competitive opportunities, technical and tactical analysis of performance, medical and psychological and nutritional support.

If your passion is to develop as a sports person then why not do this at the same time as furthering your education and continuing on the healthy road to university or employment?

Sports Academies at Oaklands College

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Specialist Coaches and Teachers

The Oaklands Wolves academy Programmes are delivered by experts in their field, with Olympic level athletes and nationally recognised coaches delivering the sports elements of the programmes. The education is delivered by fully accredited and qualified Oaklands teaching staff.
What next?

Our programme will help you get to the ceiling of your ability and this could be regional, national or even international level competition. Linking in with an academy can also enhance your UCAS applications, or provide you with valuable experience which could help you step directly into employment.

Emerging Athlete Support Programme

The EAS programme pathway aims to support athletes from sports which require specialist attention and generally are individual in nature. Athletes typically taking the ESAP training schedule come from a wide range of disciplines, including: badminton, kayaking and combat sports. The EAS programme supports predominantly Olympic Sports and encompasses a strong sports science support mechanism through strength and conditioning, medical support and technical performance analysis.



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