Zoe Hancock Principal at Oaklands College


Oaklands College is a large Further Education college with campuses in Welwyn Garden City and St Albans. Successfully providing for 10,000 students, Oaklands College delivers a wide range of learning and training opportunities within a vibrant, inclusive environment.

Corporation members

  • Christine Chisolm (external)
  • June Cory (Chair of Search)
  • Chair: Sue Grant (external)
  • Zoe Hancock (Principal)
  • Teresa Heritage (external)
  • Kerry Hood (staff)
  • Virginia Kerridge (external)
  • Geoff Lambert (Chair of the Audit Committee)
  • Peter Marshall (staff)
  • Neil Myerson (external)
  • Rob Payne (external)
  • Peter Thompson (external)
  • Jean Fawcett (external)

Clerk to the Corporation: Ralph Devereux

Join our corporation

We are looking for committed, community-minded individuals to help define the future strategy and direction of the College, to work as a member of the Corporation in the best interest of the College and to support the Principal and Senior Management Team.

If you have an interest in the personal development and education of our community, are prepared to become familiar with the rules of college governance and can spare approximately 3 hours per month, we would like to hear from you. For more information and who to contact to apply click here.


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