Our Values & Mission

To provide the opportunities and the support to ensure our communities reach their full potential whilst valuing diversity, pursuing excellence, working together, being open and honest and being innovative.

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Strategic Priorities

  • Skills and behaviours To equip students with the skills and behaviours they will need to play a productive role in the economy and in their communities
  • Curriculum A high quality curriculum provision that meets the needs of students, employers and key stakeholders
  • People A motivated staff team with high aspirations for all and an unrelenting focus on the mission and values of the college
  • Money A clear focus on financial sustainability to enable investment in our students and staff; now and in the future
  • Partnerships Highly developed partnership working with key stakeholders which supports the development of the college and its communities

Equality & Diversity

We want to take each individual needs into consideration to ensure that you have a successful and happy learning experience. We therefore uphold an Equal Opportunity policy that states that every individual will be treated fairly and as equals.

Oaklands College is committed to achieving equality and diversity in an inclusive and supportive environment. There is zero tolerance to any form of behaviour which contravenes the policy. 

British Values

The Department of Education has published guidance on promoting British values in education to ensure young people leave college prepared for life in modern Britain. We follow governmental principles on British Values throughout Oaklands college.


Further Information

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