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Student Charter

At Oaklands, we expect the best for and from our students and we commit to providing the absolutely best learning environment to enable our students to flourish and achieve. We are committed to our college community where we are partners in our students’ learning journey.

  • Ensure students are able to meet their career aspirations by providing advice and guidance to assist with future choices.
  • Promote awareness of and encourage healthy lifestyles.
  • Promote equality of opportunity and provide an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected.
  • Offer and provide additional support to meet the needs of individual students.
  • Provide praise and recognition for achievements and positive contributions.
  • Help students produce their own work and avoid plagiarism.
  • Return work within agreed deadlines with appropriate and developmental feedback.
  • Make sure that resources and equipment are up to date and fit for purpose.
  • Provide confidentiality when necessary.
  • Create opportunities to develop the skills and attributes that are highly valued and sought by employers.
  • Create a stimulating environment with quality teaching, academic support, and up-to-date and emerging technology.
  • Provide safe and secure facilities.
  • Make sure everyone understands the college’s rules, regulations, and values.
  • Have clear plans to celebrate and award excellence in all aspects of college life.
  • Make sure students can give feedback on provision, environment, and support.
  • Challenge poor behaviour, including time keeping, attendance, bullying and discrimination.
  • Maintain college premises to support all aspects of learning.
  • Make sure up-to-date industry standards are used.
  • Uphold the Student Charter in and outside college and be positive ambassadors for the college in your community.
  • To ensure behaviours (including those on social media) promote respect understanding and tolerance, are conducive to the learning environment and are consistent with the college’s values.
  • Be punctual, attend all sessions, complete all coursework and other work set to the best of your abilities and within the agreed deadlines.
  • Inform the college of any relevant changes in personal circumstances or data
  • Inform the college if you are absent on the first day of your absence.
  • Keep to the rules associated with assessments and examinations.
  • Wear lanyards at all times when on campus.
  • Pay any fees/costs due (where applicable) and seek advice if this becomes a concern.
  • Actively participate in learning and College life adhering to College Values including achieving a minimum of 90% attendance in all subjects including Maths and English
  • Contribute ideas to improve the learning experience and confidently and constructively challenge any poor learning experiences.
  • Communicate regularly with staff associated with your study and seek help when needed as soon as possible.
  • Follow any relevant professional practice rules associated with your course.
  • Dress appropriately for study, practical activities and adhere to health and safety; we operate a hood and hat free campus when indoors (except for religious exemptions).
  • Adhere to all college policies e.g., IT, Health & Safety, Equality & Diversity, Data
  • Protection and report any concerns to staff.
  • Look after the environment: clear litter; keep music volumes low; use mobiles as requested; report any issues to relevant staff.
  • Will observe the designated smoking areas.
  • No face coverings to be worn with the exception of medical face masks.
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