The Art of Lebanese Cooking: Tue 30 Apr, 19:00-21:00



Experience the rich flavours of Lebanese food over four evenings. You will in week 1 – Learn about and make Arabic / Lebanese bread. Nowhere is bread more important than in Lebanon. It is a central part of our culture and a core element in food tradition. Lebanese bread is eaten with every meal. In fact, bread should be on the table for every meal. While we are making Arabic bread we will prepare our famous breakfast and do some manaish, Lebanese speciality pizzas for breakfast, then for lunch it will be Lahme bajeen / Lahmacun with yoghurt. Week 2 – We will be making Fatteh which can be eaten any time of the day. It is very healthy, full of protein, vegetarian fatteh comes in different versions. Week 3 – Kibbeh, kibbeh bel soneyeh means kibbeh in a tray which is best served with Salad/ fatoush and yoghurt/tzatziki. Week 4 Lebanese Dips – this will include houmous, aubergine and if time permits cauliflower dips along with Patata Harra and as a meaty option taouk (Lebanese style chicken cubs). Lebanese cuisine is built around intimate gatherings.

Ingredients are not included in the fee, before the first lesson a list will be sent of the ingredients/ equipment you will need to bring.


Am I right for the course?

You will need to have an interest in cooking and be able to work safely in a professional kitchen environment

You will be 19 years old. Otherwise, there are no entry requirements.

You will be informally assessed throughout the course. You will also be encouraged to sympathetically assess each others’ dishes

Materials to be provided by the learners: Notebook and pen, apron and tea towel. Approximately 1 week before the course is due to start learners will receive a list of ingredients to purchase for the first lesson.

You will be taught by an experienced tutor.

What Next?

Continue to develop your cookery skills by joining our other themed cookery courses.

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