Meet: Abbie

Meet Abbie, a Level 3 Apprentice studying an AAT Advanced Diploma in Accountancy.


Name: Abbie
Course Studied: AAT Level 3 Advanced Diploma in Accounting

The Advanced qualification introduces students to more detailed financial tasks, including maintaining cost accounting records and preparation of reports and returns. Students on the course will master a range of accounting disciplines from ethical practices for accountants to advanced bookkeeping.

Tell us about your time at Oaklands, what led you to study here and what have you enjoyed about your time at college so far? 

“I first knew about Oaklands College through my place of work, as part of my apprenticeship programme I needed to go to a college to study towards my accounting qualification – Which led me to coming to Oaklands College.

I am enjoying my time at college and have great support from my tutor, who is very encouraging to make sure we all do our best. I love the class that I am in as well as we all get on very well.”

What are you enjoying about the Accounting course?

“I am really enjoying the course at the moment – It is giving me a better understanding of everything I am doing at work, from why I am doing this and how it is affecting my next steps further down the line. It has made me feel more confident at work with gaining this new knowledge at college. With great support come my colleagues from work it is really making my journey much easier and a lot more enjoyable.”

What would you say has been the major highlight of your time at Oaklands College so far? 

“As I don’t come from St Albans originally, it has been nice to be able to meet new people within my course area that have the same interests as me and want to pursue a career within finance.

Also, being nominated for the recognition award for my commitment to the course and my apprenticeship was a major highlight, it made me feel very happy to see that the hard work I am putting into what I do is paying off.”

What advice would you give to today’s Oaklands students?

“One piece of advice that I would give, is for anyone who is unsure on what they want to pursue in the future after leaving school or college is that there is always the apprenticeship route to go down.

The apprenticeship route allows you to study whilst earning your own money and gives you a great opportunity to learn new skills within the workplace, but also gives you time to study towards qualifications to better you in the future.

There are many different apprenticeships out there and I would fully recommend to anyone debating on what they want to do in the future to pursue an apprenticeship, as they open so many doors for people.”

Finally, would you recommend the course that you studied to other students? 

“I would 100% recommend my course to other people, if they are interested in accountancy.

The support I have received at Oaklands College has been amazing, there is so much to learn and to study and the course is very interesting.”

It makes me very happy to see the hard work I have put into my course paying off and being recognised by my peers!

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