Meet: Lewis

Meet Lewis, a fast-track (intensive) A Levels student, studying History at Oaklands College.


Name: Lewis
Course Studied: History (Fast-track)

Meet Lewis, a fast-track A Level History student at Oaklands College, aiming to study at University.

How have you found the experience at Oaklands College?
I have greatly enjoyed my time at the college. The staff are friendly, supportive, and eager for students to succeed.

What have you enjoyed about your course(s)
I enjoy learning about how we got to the situation we are in today and how the events of the past influence the future.

What are your plans once you finish?
I plan to take another intensive course next year and the year after study at university.

Would you recommend the intensive study programme? If so, why?
I would recommend the intensive programme. The opportunity to finish a course in a year could be of great use to someone who wishes to retake an A Level. I would also recommend it to someone who wishes to focus on one specific course in a year, rather than split their attention between two or more subjects.

How important has the intensive one-year course been to enabling you to pursue your University ambitions?

The intensive course could be useful in enabling me to reach university quicker than I would have been able to before. If you would need to improve or gain another A Level an intensive course would be incredibly useful.


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