Meet: Oskar Orzol

Oskar Orzol enrolled on the UAL Level 3 Music Production course in September 2018 and has not looked back since!


Oskar Orzol enrolled on the UAL Level 3 Music Production course in September 2018 and has not looked back since!

Oskar joined the course with no real experience of recording or production, but his enthusiasm was what allowed him to develop his skills and produce distinction level work.

He is always the first student in the classroom to help others, and he is very good at collaborating on projects, by bringing in his own ideas and listening to others and helping to shape their ideas.

Oskar demonstrated that he is willing to go the extra mile by helping with level 3 music performance shows throughout the year by offering to do the live sound and helping to set up instruments, microphones and soundcheck. When he was under a lot of pressure to complete his final major project he found time in his schedule to help set up the sound for the music performance students final major project show at The Pioneer Club in St Albans.

The hard work he put in on the night did not go unnoticed as the sound engineer for the venue offered Oskar feedback for his efforts and work experience, which has now progressed into paid work. 

Oskar’s outstanding attitude to learning and his willingness to help his fellow students was recognised at the annual Celebration of Success Awards ceremony at Oaklands College, where he was awarded the Music, Media and Performing Arts award (pictured).

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