Meet: Rebecca

Meet Rebecca, a fast-track A Level Sociology student who has made the most of her experience at Oaklands College.


Name: Rebecca
Course Studies: A Level Sociology (fast-track)

Meet Rebecca, a fast-track Sociology student who has made the most of her experience at Oaklands College and plans to progress on to university.

How have you found the experience at Oaklands College?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Oaklands College, all of the teachers are profoundly caring and always make time for their students if they have any concerns or need advice.

I personally suffered from some mental illnesses which interrupted my studies at my previous school, but this wasn’t an issue at Oaklands, as my teachers and student advice were always there if I had the slightest issue, Oaklands mental health support is incomparable.

I also found that Oaklands offers a wide range of experiences to boost their students UCAS / CVs, such as work experience, volunteering, student council, and so much more.

What have you enjoyed about your course(s)

Before studying Sociology, I was unaware of the amount of inequalities faced in both our society and developing worlds, the course has opened my eyes to reality, and I leave every lesson feeling inspired and more in touch with the world around me.

My teacher always makes every lesson enjoyable and engaging, there hasn’t been a single class where I haven’t laughed and learnt something new at the same time. I love how, through their clear passion, you can tell that teaching is more than just a job for the educators at Oaklands – they truly care about all the lives that pass through their classrooms.

What are your plans once you finish?

After I finish this year, I plan to stay at Oaklands to do another course, then progress on to university study Politics and Sociology.

Would you recommend the intensive study programme? If so, why?

Although it can be challenging, I would definitely recommend the intensive programme. At first, I had fears that learning both AS and A2 level at once would be too overwhelming, but to my surprise many of the topics linked up and were great to learn alongside each other, for example crime and deviance alongside the families topic – so it only enriched my studies, and at times when I did struggle the staff were always there to get me back on track and give me extra support.

How important has the intensive one-year course been to enabling you to pursue your University ambitions?

My intensive Sociology course was incredibly important in enabling me to pursue my university ambitions, as without taking this course I wouldn’t have known my passion for sociology. My teachers’ high expectations and encouragement was also crucial for me to realise my potential and see the wide variety of options available to me.


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