Meet: Sophie

Meet Sophie a former HNC and HND student in Art and Design and discover all about her Oaklands College journey and life after college.


Name: Sophie
Courses Studied: HNC and HND in Art and Design 

Meet Sophie a former HNC and HND student in Art and Design who turned her passion into a prospective career.

Tell us about your time at Oaklands. What led you to study here and what did you enjoy about your time at the college?

The reason why I chose to study at Oaklands College was for the opportunities available to students and the support that the tutors provided for me throughout my studies, especially in the start of the academic year where I was the student representative for the course.

This experience led me to take on the role as Project Manager, organising a group exhibition which later led to me receiving an award in professional development in my second year of studying.

Are you working? Does your chosen career relate your studies, how has it evolved over time and what did you learn at Oaklands?

Currently I am not working, however I am using the time to explore different forms of generic paths in illustration such as; children’s publishing, work experience and freelancing by testing my limitations in these creative sectors.

What would you say have been major highlights of your student life that you may wish to share with us and our students?

The highlight of my time studying at Oaklands College was being able to collaborate with other students, as well as organising the group exhibition; Murmuration at The Inn on the Park, to show case our work to the public.

It was great to develop an understanding and to gain first-hand experience of being a professional artist, which I plan to pursue in the future.

What advice would you give to new Oaklands students if you had a chance?

My advice to students on the course is to enjoy exploring and experimenting with your artwork, because after a graduating or completing the course, you may not have the chance or freedom to be as creative… so, just have fun!

Tell us about your type of design work, what inspires you and what do you want to achieve in the future?

Currently, my style of design work is illustrating children’s picture books and primarily focused in education and current affairs such as disability equality, especially colour vision deficiency.

Personally, I gain inspiration for my work from the people who inspire me, such as my family and friends who believe in my work and my passion of wanting to make a difference in people’s lives. I hoped to create a products that can tackle the stigma around colour vision deficiency and help raise awareness so that it becomes less of taboo subject in the future.

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