Meet: Vernon

Meet Vernon, an intensive A Level Law student at Oaklands College who has aims to study Law at university.


Name: Vernon
Course studied: A Level Law (Fast-track)

Vernon plans to pursue his passion for law by studying it at degree level, once he finishes his intensive fast-track course at the college.

How have you found the experience at Oaklands College?
I have found the experience to be very enjoyable. Being able to do a two year course has been difficult at times but with the support of my teachers, I have found it to be delightful.

What have you enjoyed about your course(s)
I have enjoyed how A Level Law isn’t just a retelling of past legal precedents but also incorporated current events which have created new precedents.

What are your plans once you finish?
To attend University for law and then take the Legal Practice Course (LPC), to become a solicitor

Would you recommend the intensive study programme? If so, why?
Yes and no, as it requires the dedication to be willing to go over two years worth of new content in such a short time.

How important has the intensive one-year course been to enabling you to pursue your University ambitions?

It has allowed me to reaffirm to the universities which I applied to that even though I may be from a STEM background, I am still able to understand the Law to a high degree.

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