5 Reasons to study Business

Studying for a future career in Business can forge a professional pathway into employment, through a number of roles.


Studying for a future career in Business can forge a professional pathway into employment, through a number of roles. 

Business plays a vital role and is pivotal to driving the UK’s economy, so there is no better time to study towards a career in the business industry.

Whether you have plans to start up your own small business or dream of forging a professional marketing career within the industry, we’ve identified 5 key reasons why you should begin your first steps towards a career in business. 

Job Opportunities

A qualification in business can open the door to a plethora of job vacancies, from marketing and human resources to customer care and accounting, there are hundreds of job vacancies available to professional business-minded individuals. 

Job roles within the business sector: 

  • Sales executive
  • Business analyst
  • Business consultancy
  • Trainee accountancy
  • Marketing executive
  • Consumer goods sales graduate
  • Customer service advisor
  • Data analyst graduate

Improve your Communication Skills

A successful business professional has to be able to communicate effectively, with key job responsibilities including writing coherent reports, copy for print and digital media, deliver presentations or negotiate contracts and financial deals. 

Communication skills are one of the most important, sought-after skills for employers, if you are able to demonstrate strong communication skills you are ready-made for a successful career within the business industry. 

Industry Insight

Studying Business at Oaklands College allows you to access experienced professionals who have enjoyed successful careers within the industry. 

It is vital to develop an insight into the industry, before embarking on a professional career within it. Understanding branding and marketing tools is vital to a successful career in business.

Higher Education

Once you have achieved Level 2 and Level 3 in Business you will be able to apply for University, where you can choose to specialise in a variety of fields from marketing, management, human Resources, accounting or business finance. 

In order to apply for job roles at higher salaries, it is expected of students to obtain a degree specialism, however it is not mandatory for business individuals to further their qualifications at University level. 

Become Your Own Boss

If your dream is to create your own business and work for yourself, it’s important that you have a shrewd business acumen and understand how to run a successful business.

Many talented people see their businesses fail simply because they do not have the knowledge or understanding of how the business industry operates. 

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