Students Aim higher with Roadshow

The National Aimhigher Roadshow recently visited Oaklands College to increase students' awareness of Higher Education.

The National Aimhigher Roadshow recently visited Oaklands College to increase students’ awareness of Higher Education. On the day, several groups of students visited the high-tech Roadshow trailer to experience a fully interactive session designed to promote the benefits and dispel the myths about Higher Education.

The students were inspired by a fast-paced presentation given by a recent graduate. Using hand-held voting pads, students were able to answer questions and give their opinions about Higher Education at the touch of a button. They also watched a short DVD with film clips of students from different backgrounds, studying a wide range of subjects, discussing the benefits of studying at university level. 

The high-tech vehicle provided a relaxed environment in which students could sit on bean bags and ask questions of the facilitator about all aspects of university life.  Many expressed concerns about the level of debt but were surprised to find out about the amount of financial support available. In many cases, those who said at the beginning of the session they were not even considering HE left thinking that university could be a real option and were enthused by the prospect.

Aimhigher is a national programme which aims to widen participation in higher education by providing information and guidance, and by raising aspirations and attainment amongst young people.

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Please note the college will be closed on Friday 31st March for our staff development day
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