Celebrating Success and Environmental Initiatives at Oaklands College

As the anticipation for Colleges Week 2024 builds, Oaklands College stands poised at the forefront of celebrating success, embracing sustainability, and fostering community engagement. This annual event, running from February 26th to March 1st, serves as a national platform for colleges to showcase their contributions to society and advocate for increased investment in education.

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Colleges Week 2024 is a call for policymakers to recognise the crucial role of colleges in building inclusive, tolerant, and prosperous communities. This year, colleges are uniting to ensure their needs are prioritised by the next government. At its core, Colleges Week is an opportunity for colleges to influence and engage policymakers and the public, highlighting the transformative impact of further education. It is also a time to celebrate the achievements of students, staff, and alumni, showcasing the diverse talents and contributions of the college community.


Against the backdrop of Colleges Week 2024, Oaklands College proudly exemplifies the spirit of the event. Through initiatives like the Hedgehog Friendly Campus project, Oaklands demonstrates its commitment to environmental sustainability and wildlife conservation. By empowering students to lead and participate in such initiatives, Oaklands College not only enriches their learning experiences but also instils a sense of environmental stewardship and civic responsibility.

At the heart of Oaklands dedication to sustainability lies the Hedgehog Friendly Campus initiative. Led by Elizabeth Healy, Lecturer in Animal Care, and supported by dedicated students and staff, this initiative aims to create a safe haven for wildlife, particularly hedgehogs, within the college grounds. Through educational campaigns, habitat enhancement, and practical initiatives, Oaklands is on the path to becoming a recognised Hedgehog Friendly Campus, making significant strides toward environmental conservation and awareness.

Elizabeth Healy shed light on the initiative’s origins and its integration into the college curriculum. Students across all levels have actively participated in various tasks, from designing informative posters to redesigning green spaces, demonstrating a collective effort to promote wildlife conservation and sustainability. Moreover, the initiative’s educational component enriches students’ learning experiences, imparting valuable skills in teamwork, research, and environmental stewardship.

The positive outcomes of Oaklands environmental initiatives extend beyond the college campus and into the local community. Through partnerships with animal rescue centres and community outreach efforts, we aim to inspire and engage individuals beyond its walls, fostering a sense of environmental responsibility and collective action. Oaklands College takes immense pride in the remarkable achievements of its students.

Mazin Osman’s recent recognition at the prestigious 30 Under 30 Awards is a testament to the institution’s commitment to nurturing talent and fostering innovation in the electrical industry. Mazin’s journey, characterised by unwavering determination and a passion for excellence, serves as an inspiration to aspiring professionals across disciplines. Mazin’s contributions to the renewable energy and electric vehicle charging businesses showcase Oaklands emphasis on practical application and real-world impact.

Similarly, Boomika Venkojee’s advocacy for gender diversity in engineering underscores Oaklands dedication to empowering students to challenge societal norms and carve out their own paths to success. Boomika’s plea for greater representation and equality in STEM is a powerful call for inclusivity. In a recent speech at our Open Day, Boomika passionately advocated for more women to enter the field of engineering, emphasising the need to shatter existing stereotypes and create a more inclusive environment for all.

The achievements of students like Bethany Inglis and Phoebe Wilkins further underscore the diverse talents cultivated at Oaklands College. From starring roles in major film productions to international advertising campaigns, Oaklands students continue to make waves on both national and global stages, solidifying the college’s reputation as a hotbed of creativity and talent.

Bethany’s appearance in an Amazon Prime film and Phoebe’s role in a Patek Philippe advert are shining examples of Oaklands students’ versatility and prowess in the arts and entertainment industries. Adding to the tapestry of success is the remarkable journey of Oaklands esteemed alumni, Mamadou Jobe. His recent standout performance, securing a remarkable 4-1 victory against Tottenham Hotspur U21’s, adds another chapter to his inspiring journey of resilience.

Arriving at Oaklands in 2018 at the age of 15, Mamadou faced significant personal challenges. However, with the support of mentors and within our nurturing environment, he not only refocused academically but also developed his football skills. Mamadou’s triumph on the field not only showcases his exceptional talent but also highlights the transformative impact of education and mentorship. As Colleges Week 2024 approaches, Oaklands College extends an open invitation to the community to join in celebrating these remarkable achievements and environmental initiatives.

Together, let us shine a spotlight on the extraordinary successes and initiatives happening at Oaklands College, inspiring change, and fostering a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.

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