Empowering Diversity in Engineering

Boomika Venkojee's impactful journey at Oaklands College is a source of guidance for breaking gender barriers in engineering.

Boomika Venkojee

In a recent speech at our Welwyn Garden City Open Day, she passionately advocated for more women to enter the field, emphasising the need to shatter existing stereotypes.

Boomika’s journey at Oaklands College began after completing four A-levels in school. Opting for a gap year before university, she chose Oaklands for its convenient location—just one bus away for local residents, with students enjoying half-price bus fares.

Currently pursuing the BTEC L3 Engineering Diploma, Boomika described the experience as exceeding her expectations. “It’s been even better than I imagined! The programme offers a perfect mix of practical hands-on work and classroom learning. We get to practice the skills we learn, which helps us grasp the concepts better.”

Boomika attributes a significant part of her success to the exceptional support she receives from Oaklands College staff. “One of the best things about Oaklands College is the incredibly supportive staff. They focus on each student, making sure we all have what we need to succeed. We also have an amazing Learning Resource Centre (LRC) where we can access computers and the internet and have a quiet place to study whenever we need it.”

Her chosen course, the BTEC L3 Engineering Diploma, aligns seamlessly with her aspirations to become a biomedical engineer. Boomika emphasises, “This course was perfect for me as someone aspiring to become a biomedical engineer. Oaklands’ programme has allowed me to gain new skills and sharpen the ones I already have.”

Boomika is not only excelling academically but is also enthusiastic about promoting diversity in STEM. She believes, “I want to be an inspiration to all the amazing individuals out there who are thinking about pursuing engineering. The ratio in engineering is mostly dominated by men, but I truly believe that we need more women to take up this course and break those barriers! By encouraging more women to join this field, we can bring in diverse perspectives and experiences, which leads to incredible innovation and progress.”

Boomika shared her confidence in the knowledge and skills gained at Oaklands College, stating, “I’m confident that the knowledge and skills that you will gain here will put you in a better position for the future.”

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