Goodbye St Albans City Campus, Hello St Albans (Smallford) Campus

On 31 July the College's staff bid farewell to the site that many of them have taught for over 10 years

After many decades of teaching an array of full and part-time courses, the College’s St Albans City Campus has closed. On 31 July the College’s staff bid farewell to the site that many of them have taught for over 10 years.

However, it was not all tears because in saying goodbye to the old, the College welcomes the new. The new being the exciting, modern facilities taking shape at the Smallford Campus, now to be known simply as, The St Albans Campus.

The new building will contain specialist workshops and design studios, a large indoor multi-sports hall and virtual learning environment.  New floodlit sports pitches, which will not only be used for the popular college sports teams but also by the community, including the St Albans Hockey club.

Students will have the opportunity to learn in a modern and supportive college environment with the most up-to-date facilities in the region.

Principal, Zoe Hancock, commented: “It’s a very exciting time for both the staff and students at the College. We are really pleased to be able to maintain a presence in St Albans as the main college and serve the community.”

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