Principal answers student ‘Swap, Don’t Drop’ questions

Principal Zoe Hancock answers students questions regarding our #SwapDontDrop course campaign.


If you are a current Oaklands College student and are worried that you may not have enrolled onto the course that suits you, don’t panic, with the #SwapDontDrop campaign at Oaklands College, you can change your course of study without impacting on your college experience. 

Our Swap Don’t Drop events offer learners the opportunity to change their course if the programme they have enrolled onto is not right for them. 

Our huge range of courses and excellent specialist facilities are backed by excellent support in both learning and your personal development. Our team is dedicated to ensuring you have all the tools you need to take on the world, during your time at college and beyond. 

There’s no need to register – just pop along to our St Albans or Welwyn Garden City Campus if you haven’t enrolled between 9am and 5pm on Monday – Friday before Friday, 4 October. 

If you have enrolled onto a course at Oaklands and wish to change, you can do so on Tuesday, 24 September and Wednesday, 9 October at our St Albans campus and at Welwyn Garden City on Thursday, 26 September and Monday, 7 October from 9am – 5pm. 

Just bring your exam results and have a chat about your options. 

We spoke to Principal Zoe Hancock, and asked her about the opportunities available to swap courses if students think they have made the wrong choice this term:

  1. How easy is it for students to swap courses?
    We understand that there are wide variety of courses available to choose from at Oaklands College, which can make selecting the right course difficult. 
    If you have enrolled onto a course at Oaklands College this term, and would like to swap to an alternative course, we have made it quick and easy for you to do so. 
    If you speak to your tutors about your desire to change course, they will direct you to our new Careers and Advice Hub, located near the Learning Resource Centre at both campuses. 
    Our friendly and approachable mentors will be on hand to help and assist you with your course swap, to ensure you are enrolled onto a course that better meets your needs. 
  2. What would you say to students worried about being on the wrong course and wanting to swap?
    It is natural to worry whether the course you have chosen is right for you, college is a big step in your education pathway and we appreciate that choosing the right course that works for you is difficult. 

    With this in mind, we have created a window at the beginning of the Autumn term in order for students to freely change their course. Our friendly and impartial careers team are available to discuss your options with you to ensure you make the decision that is right for you. 

  3. How long do students have to be able to swap this term?
    Students will need to have applied and enrolled by 4 October to ensure that Oaklands College can offer its students all the support they require to catch up on the first few weeks of their new course.
  4. What do students have to do and who can students ask for advice?
    Students who wish to swap course can do so by visiting our approachable and impartial Careers and Advice Hub team, who will discuss with you the best course to meet your needs. 
  5. Can students swap campuses for courses e.g. from St Albans to Welwyn Garden City?
    Students who wish to swap their course are not limited to certain campuses and can swap from St Albans and Welwyn Garden City, without impacting the quality of education that they will receive. 
  6. Is this open to students from other colleges and at sixth form?
    Oaklands College welcomes students from all training providers, ensuring everyone has equal opportunities to continue their education journey. 
  7. Can students swap to join a sports academy alongside their course?
    Students who wish to join a Sports Academy alongside their studies at Oaklands College can do so, providing they meet the standards set by the individual academies. 

    Our Careers & Advice Hub team will be able to organise an interview with the relevant Head of Academy to further explore these options with you. 

  8. Does it apply to all courses and apprenticeships?
    The ‘Swap Don’t Drop’ scheme at Oaklands College applies to all courses, subject to availability. “ A full list of courses by campus can be found below
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