Meet: Bradley Page

Bradley Page is one of a number of hugely successful students to progress through the incredibly successful Oaklands College Media department.


Name: Bradley Page
Course: Level 3 BTEC in Media

Bradley Page is one of a number of hugely successful students to progress through the incredibly successful Oaklands College Media department.

Bradley began his Oaklands College journey in 2011, when he studied a Level 3 BTEC in Media. Initially wanting to follow his friends into sixth form, Bradley took the plunge into college to pursue his passion for Media and dedicated the following two years to the subject.

Bradley said: “My end goal was always going to be something visually creative and school helped me recognise that, but it wasn’t until I went to Oaklands College that I was able to pursue that further”. Adding, “I had known a number of students who had chosen to opt for Oaklands and study BTEC courses and their experiences made the choice an easy one”.

After taking a year out to research and decide upon his next pathways in education, Bradley returned to Oaklands College to study a Foundation Degree in Media Production, admitting that he “always had sights on returning due to the fact of how amazing the experience was the first time around.”

His time at Oaklands helped his personal and professional skills, connecting with industry experts and making contacts and friends in the process whilst improving his confidence in film-making.

On his overall college experience, Bradley said: “I owe everything to Oaklands College and my (Media) tutor Mark Garvey, who enabled me to express myself creatively and in any way I desired and with this freedom came many lessons learned and many goals met.”

Bradley speaks glowingly of his time at Oaklands College and is a keen ambassador for the college, further adding: “Out of the four years I spent at University, the two years at Oaklands were by far the best and most memorable, if it was possible to obtain a BA or MA at the college, I would have done so.”

Bradley’s wish is to eventually go into the film industry and after a short break from his intense studies, is looking ahead to 2019 to kick-start his career within the industry and on behalf of everyone at Oaklands College, we’d like to wish Bradley the very best of luck!

If you’d like to see some of Bradley’s fantastic work with the camera, you can check out the incredible web-series ‘Element 186 here, an award-winning Science Fiction epic which he shot and produced in the dystopian landscape in Glencoe, Scotland.

I owe everything to Oaklands College and my (Media) tutor Mark Garvey.

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