Meet: Vivek

Meet Vivek, a former Level 3 Extended Diploma student in Engineering whose Oaklands journey has propelled him into a BEng Degree at the University of Hertfordshire.


Name: Vivek
Course Studied: Level 3 Extended Diploma in Engineering, L2 NVQ Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations.

Meet Vivek, a former Level 3 Extended Diploma student in Engineering whose Oaklands journey has propelled him into a Bachelor of Engineering Degree at the University of Hertfordshire.

Tell us about your time at Oaklands. What led you to study here and what did you enjoy about your time at the college?

I chose to study at Oaklands College because they had a good reputation for engineering courses with a more specialised approach for my interests, as well as a fun learning environment. Throughout my time at the college, I gained some great insights into the different aspects of engineering skills and application, such as mechanical, design, electrical, materials, mathematics, hydraulics, and pneumatics, to name a few.

Additionally, Oaklands College has a really friendly learning environment and the facilities on campus at Welwyn Garden City are well located close to the town centre with good transport links. Finally and most importantly the staff there were extremely helpful and knowledgeable, providing close support throughout my time there, which prepared me for university.

What are you doing now? Have you gone to University? How are you finding your course

I have now progressed to study a BEng Degree in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Hertfordshire. I am enjoying my course so far and my university experience overall is brilliant.

What would you say has/have been major highlights of your time at Oaklands that you may wish to share with us and our students?

One of my major highlights was receiving “The Edge” award, which recognised my achievement from gaining work experience from Inflite Engineering: The Jet Centre at Stansted Airport, Essex.

What advice would you give to today’s Oaklands students if you had a chance?

I would advise them to keep an open mind about higher education and the possibility of going to university. After I joined Oaklands, I realised my own potential and gained much needed confidence which allowed me to plan for the future.

Would you recommend the course that you studied, if so, why?

Yes, I would highly recommend this course because it enables you to enhance your basic engineering skills and take them to the next level.


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