Oaklands College gets Healthy FE Recognition

15 December 2010
Oaklands College has just been awarded Healthy FE College recognition for its continuous work improving the health and wellbeing of its staff and students.

An initiative created by the Department of Health recognises colleges that actively engage staff and learners in the promotion of health and wellbeing leading to increased performance and achievement.

Oaklands College was praised for setting up a group to monitor various aspects such as healthy eating, policy and welfare and encouraged students to participate with staff in looking at where improvements could be made and how awareness of health issues could be raised.

Zoe Hancock, Oaklands College Interim Principal commented: “I am impressed by how both the staff and students have got involved in this project and ultimately made it successful in its impact. I look forward to seeing how they progress their work in the future.

“With London 2012 round the corner and Oaklands College being part of the official London 2012 Get Set Network, healthy living will remain high on our agenda.”

Fiona Wootten, Enrichment Officer at Oaklands College is now taking on the role of Eastern Region Co-Coordinator and has been spearheading the Healthy FE initiative within the college.