Thinking about the issue of violence

27 March 2011
On Friday March 25th students from Citizenship and Sociology AS classes took part in a presentation exploring the subject of violence, by Peter Neall from Neall Scott Partnerships

 From working with violent prison communities in South Africa to schools and colleges, Peter looks at ways of reducing violence in communities.

The presentation examined the reasons and nature of violence and how we can all work to prevent it. He explained how the word ‘violence’ comes from ‘violate’ and we are all guilty of being violent in some form at one time or another. He believes that if we can work on respecting and understanding each other’s qualities the more then we can help to prevent violence.

Peter Neall gave a very stimulating, and attention-grabbing presentation, as well as asking the students themselves to come up with practical methods of eradicating violence that ranged from educating the young to be respectful to each other, to having free minibuses in town centres on Saturday nights to ferry people home.

The presentation fitted into key aspects of the Sociology syllabus and was designed to help students with their Active Citizenship project.