World Development Movement visits Oaklands

08 May 2011
This week, Jeff Heine from the World Development Movement (WDM) came in to talk to Citizenship students about what they represent and the current issues they deal with.

The WDM, established in 1970, is a UK based pressure group lobbying governments and multinational companies to end global injustice. They also work to bring developing countries out of poverty. Past successes include working with the Government on policies such as Fairtrade for bananas in the 1990's.

Jeff, from WDM’s St Albans branch, gave an interesting talk about the importance of ending speculative food markets and ensuring that those responsible for climate problems should pay their debts to the developing nations suffering the effects. They are also concerned with the banking system adhering to environmental and human rights conditions throughout their trading.

He underlined the effectiveness of campaigning through letters to MPs and world leaders. He stressed the importance of protesting peacefully, lobbying and raising awareness of an issue through marketing tactics.

The World Development Movement exists in the political arena and thus is not a charity. It works to deal with the root cause of poverty and injustice rather than simply addressing the symptoms. Students found the lecture complimented and reinforced their studies on the issues discussed.