Winner of 2010's The Apprentice celebrates success with Oaklands College

26 June 2011

Commitment, dedication and hard work were the words on everybody’s lips at this year’s Oaklands College annual award ceremony, Celebration of Success.

Hosted by Stella English, winner of The Apprentice in 2010, BBC1’s popular TV series where contestant’s battle it out to impress Lord Sugar and become his next Apprentice, the awards night was a storming success.

With 30 awards overall, students and staff were honoured for how they had achieved success over the past year, many of them facing tough, personal challenges along the way.

Zoe Hancock, Principal of Oaklands College, commented: “Oaklands College houses real talent through both staff and students so this annual awards ceremony is an incredibly important time to recognise and reward their achievements.

“There was no better person to present the awards than Stella English. As the UK’s most famous apprentice, she has shown incredible grit, talent, perseverance and enthusiasm to achieve the success she has today and the students and staff were really inspired by her example and thrilled to meet her.”

Stella English said: “Sometimes people can lose their way for a variety of reasons and it’s really heart warming to know that places like Oaklands College exist.  I know only too well from my own experiences that sometimes you need some support and when it’s not there, things can go horribly wrong.  Putting on an evening like last week is really important to all people to have the recognition they deserve and I was very proud to be a part of that.”
Stella English has just been appointed Commercial Manager of YouView, one of Lord Sugar’s ventures.