Transition Towns, St Albans, visit students at Oaklands

04 March 2012

On Friday 2nd March, Peter Bloomfield and Jack Easton from Transition Towns, St Albans, came to talk to A2 Citizenship students who are conducting a research project as part of their course.

Peter and Jack explained what a transition town is – a local community based social movement that tries to encourage the locality to use innovative and practical, as well as individual and sustainable tools, in order to move away from the use of oil. They explained the concept of 'Peak Oil' and how as a globe we are running out of efficient oil production and damaging the environment.

Jack and Peter set up discussion-based activities where the students could share their own ideas about how locally, nationally, internationally and personally we can move away from the use of oil in our communities to working within a sustainable society. They also discussed the possible and more probable outcomes of doing nothing.

They used an apple as a visual aid to describe how only 1/32 of the Earth's surface is used to create food for 7 billion people, and yet we still throw away a third of that!

Local sustainability projects run by The Farmer's Boy and Courtyard Cafe in St Albans were highlighted and showed that there were things we could all do to make a difference to our oil consumption.

If you have any questions – feel free to email from their website.