Students' watertight trip to Affinity Water

05 February 2019
This week, Level 2 Plumbing students at Oaklands College were treated to a trip to local water supply company Affinity Water.

Upon arrival, students were given an engaging talk about water treatment facilities and received a tour of one of the companies various treatment plants across the UK. Students explored the in-depth workings of the filtering systems in place at Affinity Water.

Additionally, students were taught the inner workings of the ozone filtering systems and chlorine management techniques during the purification process of water. 

The learners received a guided tour and full description of each element and the individual processes that contribute towards the treatment of water in it's journey from borehole to the customers' taps.

Lastly, students were given a final tour of the company grounds and were shown how water from river flows can be treated for consumer use, further aiding and understanding the importance of preventing pollution within their working environments.